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Big Data Infrastructure Architecture

Big Data Infrastructure requires experienced hands to architect the infrastructure from the existing or totally new set of equipments. Big data infrastructure’s main challenge will lye in designing the storage which has to be scalable in fact scale-out to the needs of very very large data sets. The challenge is not only on the size of the storage but manage and maintain the same equipment for a period of time. The cost and frequent failed components are another factor in the design.

Data Science Technologies (DST) has more than a decade of experience behind its practice prior to be spun off as DST in handling very large data storage arrays and its maintenance.  We in DST have utilized the same amount of data we collected over the years to suggest, architect better infrastructure solutions for specific needs. This has allowed us to develop a unique methodology of architecture around the following factors:

  • Scale out capability
  • Cost of Management
  • Cost of Maintenance
  • Energy
  • Performance

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