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Open Data Storage

Storage forms one of the most important components of a compute project. In the data center, Storage uses up lot of space with higher cost of the whole implementation and efficiency. Hence, OCP designs to make gains in this infrastructure area by cost and efficiency. In open compute project, we divide the storage needs as Hot or Active Storage Components and Cold Storage Components. Hot Active Storage  disk arrays are active and accessed at all times. Cold Storage (as described by Asghar Riahi and Per Brashers)  — where data is stored on disk but almost never read again, like legal data or backups of third copies of data — keep on increasing dramatically. There are huge demands for developing some form of cold storage system with the highest capacity and the lowest cost. Cold storage is designed as a bulk load fast archive. The typical use case is a series of sequential writes, but random reads. A Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR) HDD with spin-down capability is the most suitable and cost-effective technology for cold storage. To accommodate this use case, a separate infrastructure dedicated for cold storage needs to be designed and deployed. (Courtsey, Open Compute Org)

Data Science Technologies offer customers with OCP storage from various vendors.

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