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Big Data Document Store

Big Data Document Store is something like a document management system but is a database which is designed to store very very large amounts of documents. This can also be called the repository of Big Data document content.

You find two kinds of document databases for big data projects. One is often described as a repository for full document-style content. The other is a database for storing document components for permanent storage as a static entity or for dynamic assembly of the parts of a document. The structure of the documents and their parts is provided by JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) and/or Binary JSON (BSON) as mentioned by Document Databases in a Big Data Environment by Judith Hurwitz, Alan Nugent, Fern Halper & Marcia Kaufman.

XML, JSON, BSON, Docx, Xlsx or PDF are few forms of encoding, hence the document databases are called NoSQL databases.

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