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Analytical Visualization

Vast amount of data is mined, processed, data warehoused and analyzed. All this is done to achieve a goal of making the best use of data. When the data sets were small and the various permutations lower, it was easier for it to be made available in a spread sheet or specialized report. These reports are usually fixed and very inflexible. However, these also had limitations of the depth of parameters to be mined or relationship to be established. When Big Data started mining data, the available data set spread over structured, unstructured and semi-structured data that were sliced, diced or made available to the consumer. However, the existing Business Intelligence tools did not make any sense and the tools were rendered useless. Hence, a new set of presentation layer had to be developed which would work in an interactive way. This resulted in visualizing the data as seen never before.

We are bringing the best of the visualizing tools available in the industry which can present itself over many known and custom platforms.This comes with the expertise of integration from Data Science which  is the best in the industry with very finite and envious installations around the world.



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