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Big Data Privacy

Data Privacy is one of the biggest and largest of the known threats to all information systems combined.  How true is this? We can examine various materials in this and the more we read will only overwhelm your thoughts of threat perception.

Privacy is mostly concerned on what data is collected, how true is the data and can the information from the social media and the other sites be used to make judgements, ranks, or profile people etc,. Can the insurance company profile its customer for premium or can the bank profile its customer etc.; This is a matter which has to be looked at different angles and has to be treated with the period and source of information available.

Truly, this is not as much as threat as perceived, a study was done by  Latanya Sweeney, Ph.D., back in 2000  and demonstrated that 87% of all Americans could be uniquely identified with only three bits of information: ZIP code, birth date, and gender – all of which can be found in public records. Today, most of us leave our telephone numbers, P.O.Box, zip code, address or the least our faces on cams in airport, bus stands. We live in a connected world. We have telephones which roams around the word where we go and we take pictures and post in the social network with GPS co-ordinates embedded in the photograph. When we have, willingly, traded this information for return of one under a fine print or otherwise, where is the question of privacy existing. However, privacy of certain types of data needs to be safeguarded and the extraction and analysis of such data needs to be authorized. But, the privacy starts from the data creator first and  what is willingly agreed or traded.




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