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Big Data Consulting

Data Science Technologies (DST) is a pioneer in Big Data Technologies, with the ever increasing volume of data and the existing database and data warehousing systems. The technology on offer or the landscape of using these technologies are fast changing. Existing IT organizations spend 70% of its time in the regular upkeep and maintenance of current running systems in an organization. It has been found even in the biggest of the organizations, the development & evaluation team is usually a generation away from what is current. Almost every time, the current technology exposure to an organization is a phase behind or a generation behind what is available that year. However, there are few organizations who are early adopters and are current.

In the everyday job of fire fighting, the daily issues in IT and planning for capacity and external consulting acts as a technology refresher and education to many organizations. Big Data is more complex, sophisticated and overwhelming to just read through some forum’s and technology books. It needs expert’s in the field of integrating these and keep it updated to the recent advances into Big Data Technologies.

We in DST, with offices world wide have expertise who will drive your Big Data need, integrate, innovate methodologies of delivery and achieve designated goals of the investment. DST can deliver various tools, data bases and analytics with industry  and domain experience into your integration. Big Data is more business than IT hence, is supported by a pool of data scientists, mathematicians and statisticians who will roll out various models to prototype your need.

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